CE Mark. Pressure Equip. (PED 2014/68/EU)

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU) is a European regulation that applies to certain pressure equipment and accessories sold in most parts of Europe.

GIS offers certification services as Notified Body num. 2744 for CE marking. We can help you gain access into European market by ensuring your product meets all CE marking requirement. We offer several types of assessment:

  1. Approval of procedures and personnel undertaking permanent joining.
  2. Specific Assessment for Materials.
  3. Internal production control plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals.
  4. EU- type examination (Production/Design).
  5. Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals.
  6. Conformity to type based on pressure equipment verification.
  7. Conformity based on unit verification.

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WPS & Welders

GIS develops pWPS and perform all complete WPS-PQR-WPQ homologation for the main standards:

  1. ASME
  2. ISO
  3. API
  4. AWS

This service is oriented to manufacturing welding shops, but also for Contractors who wish to validate their providers.

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Distributed Control System (DCS)

GIS has an specific department engage with DCS / SCADA systems verification.
We can perform the following services in this matter:

  1. DCS certification
  2. DCS Due Diligences
  3. Consulting (specifications, implementation, integration)

This service is performed by a 3-4 experts team during one or References weeks, depending on the scope and size of DCS.

We check 100% digital I/O, 100% anagogic I/O, alarms-locks, and complex sequences.

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Material Certification

GIS provides with EN 10204 3.2 certification by metallurgical surveyors according ASTM or ISO/EN for different mills. Among others:

  1. Castings
  2. Forgings
  3. Bulks

Whether at mills or at manufacturer shops, 3.2 certification is performed by witnessing the extraction of samples and their testing, carried out by auditing laboratories or using our own accredited one.
GIS provides his certification under the scope of ISO 17020.

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Other Certification Services

GIS provides PSI services for import/export of goods in several countries.

To check in which countries GIS is accredited, and what goods/services we are accredited for, please consult us

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