Root Cause Analisys

GIS investigates the failures of mechanical or mechanical systems, rotatory equipment, engines, electrical machinerty, among others. Frecuent requests are involved with:

  1. Fracture Mechanics: failure of welds (cracking) during service
  2. Rotatory Equipment: failure of gears, saft/cranksaft or bearings.
  3. Electrical Machines: insulation failure, harmonic distortion, among others
  4. Amont others: electrical systems failures, mechanical resonance (vibrations) ..

We have participated in works for the following equipment: Steam Turbines, DCS systems, Transformers, Welded Machinery, Water Turbines, etc.

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Supplier Evaluation

GIS provides Vendor Assessment Evaluation, usually required for new suppliers who must commit with the requirements of the purchaser. Usual services requested are:

  1. Technical Evaluationv
  2. Manufacturing capabilities Evaluation
  3. Assessment with welding standards (ISO-3834/15085, EN-1090)
  4. Assessment with painting standards
  5. Assessment with Owners/Properties or Contractors requests
  6. Among others

We have demostrated experience in homologation of providers in Asia, America and Europe.

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Due Diligence

This is a recently frecuent service requested that we develop only for industrial field.

Experiences with the following facilities:

  1. Harbour Oil & Bulks / Storage terminals
  2. Wind & Solar Farms
  3. Thermoelectrical Plants
  4. Waste Water Treatment Plants

Reliable, Trustworthy and Neutrality work.
Endorsed reports ensuring no violability.

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